New This Month – Dec + Jan 2019

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Howdy All! We’ve upgraded the lights, are all set up for the next teacher training, and will have dozens of new videos coming down the tube in the coming months. New Videos This Month – EASY – The Nerve of Your Hands – Hint, it’s your neck, silly. MEDIUM – Legged Go of All Hope – Hard on the legs, … Read More

New This Week – 12.12.8

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Howdy All! Put some new gadgets and systems in place to make the production side of the site better. We will have some new functionalities ready for you in the coming weeks as well! New Videos This Week – EASY – Lil’ Chairy Pie – An update and remake of the 2015 original. Better. Chairier. MEDIUM – Sort of Sore … Read More

New This Week – 10.30.18

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Woot. 2 New ones + a few updated (fixed) older videos! EASY – Quick Nap (Like get ready to fall asleep!) – Like the title says. MEDIUM – Runner’s Hip Whip Cracker – For this hips of your active loved ones (including your own). Easy and every week, we document ways to have you feel better! Hugs and more hugs, … Read More

New This Week – 10.24.18

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New Videos This Week – EASY – Betty’s Not Lying (She’s Standing + Sitting!) – For those that can’t get down on the ground, a great chair class for your hips. MEDIUM – Front Splits, Side Splits, Lying Down, “Oh My!” – This is pretty intense. Enjoy how sore you’ll be. HARD – Poppy’s Very Own Class I – Here’s … Read More

What’s New, Like For Real! 10.15.18

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So we’re officially up in the new studio! Woot! New Videos This Week – – EASY – That’s Handy – What a handy video! Have your hands feel better now. – EASY – Breath O-Clock – The simplest, bestest breathing practice I train. – EASY – Cal-einated Stretch – Stretch your baby cows! – EASY – Marilyn’s Hips – Nerve … Read More

Weekly What’s New – August 13

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Woot! New Videos This Week – – EASY – Look Good Necked – How’s your neck doing!? 10 minutes to feel way better necked! – MEDIUM – Sure Flex-Sore – Never felt your hip flexors? You’ll feel them tomorrow! – HARD – sYB w/ ANDREW 7.24.18 – Hard Thurs Class with your fearless founder! We now have more than 100 … Read More

Weekly What’s New – August 1

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New Videos This Week!! – EASY – Swedish Foot Message – You read that right! Get your foot health on! – MEDIUM – You Don’t Know Squat – A full squat-splanation for better knowledge…by the end, you’ll know squat! – WORKSHOP – HR Training 2018 – HARD – sYB ARD 7.19.18 – Another different, super-hard classes you expect from your … Read More

Weekly What’s New – July 24

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For subscribers, you get all kinds of stuff now that we have the new server connected to the site! This week, you get – Three new videos this week: HARD – sYB w/ Andrew 7.19.18 (Classroom video from studio Yoga Better) EASY – Thumbs-up (How to keep your thumbs and grip strength healthy!) EASY – HOW TO – Leverage for … Read More

It’s Time for a New mYB

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A enormous thank you to everyone of you that registered and tried the the my Yoga Better home experience! Since February we have had 266 hours of instructional video watched and 92.74 necks feel better! Woot! Since January we at Yoga Better HQ have been working hard recording brand new videos for you! We’ve also been hard at work fixing … Read More