Our Style – The Yoga Better practice is this: Developing a connection to your body so profound that you feel better, have better functionality, are stronger and more flexible – all so that you can get on the ground and play with your great grand-children.

Here we are documenting everything we’ve found that makes the difference in the health of your body; with no restrictions on experience, age, ability, awareness, focus, history, collection of injuries, attitude, et al. In other words: You’re welcome here. You will find classes for contortionists and grandmas (or both!).

Our VideosEvery video has many (many!!) search tags. You can browse or search by difficulty, length, a specific posture, an area of focus (such as balance or hand strength), or a therapeutic focus (such as arthritis in hands or a specific shoulder pain). Every video lists those data points, the posture sequence, and a description including what props you’ll need and anything else that the class impacts (like a morning practice vs. an evening one).

Class Feel – At My Yoga Better, you get a one on one feel in your own home. Our one on ones are the fastest way to learn both your new practice and your body, and in our videos, you’ll be treated to two unique things. First, you’ll notice how the instructions acknowledge that you’re not in a classroom and we can’t see you! You’ll be guided where to set up relative to the screen and reminded of how to best use the visuals of the screen. Second, every video has verbal instruction that is designed to be effective even if you aren’t looking at the postures (which occasionally you’ll be encouraged to do). And as a bonus, you’re given the respect of being talked to as an intelligent adult, capable of learning and are never talked down to.

Born Out of an Inquiry – 6 years ago, Andrew reformatted his teaching and looked into the future with one question: How can I help the most people possible suffer less in their bodies? First teaching 7 days a week, then training other Yoga Better teachers, and now documenting the style and delivering a practice that isn’t just something to do, but rather a way to approach movement and attention; one that ‘makes the difference’ in the quality of your life.  Currently we teach close to 1,000 people per week and the goal of this website is to teach 10,000 people per week. What that means to us is this: 10,000 people per week are feeling better, have less back and neck pain are empowered to balance their bodies maybe for the first time in their lives.

Our Promise – We promise you’ll feel better when you finish your practice than before you started.