It’s Time for a New mYB

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A enormous thank you to everyone of you that registered and tried the the my Yoga Better home experience!
Since February we have had

  • 266 hours of instructional video watched and
  • 92.74 necks feel better!

Since January we at Yoga Better HQ have been working hard recording brand new videos for you! We’ve also been hard at work fixing the server problem not allowing us to upload new videos.
Well lovely people: That problem is fixed.
In the coming weeks you’ll notice a whole new slew of videos pop up!

  • Before = 45 Videos. Soon (within the week!) = 92 Videos!

Our original promise will now be a reality:

  • Two New Videos each and every Monday!

Just look for the announcements in the regular email, facebook/blog/instagram-o-sphere as well as the new “New Videos” tab on the sidebar.


to feel better in your house, on the go, or at work!

We’re working everyday to bring you the
Yoga Better Training (YBt, formerly known as the Teacher-Student Training, TST) as a complete, fully life-changing ONLINE COURSE. For those of you that have taken the course, you know that in all 6 courses, we have basically never fully covered every minute of material the course was designed to cover.

Because of all of your fantastic questions making each course a perfect vessel for you all as a group, of course!
Now for the first time the entire Level One Course will be documented: Every minute, every detail, every pun. Everything I know will make a lasting impact on your life as a student and as a teacher.

Andrew and the YB Crew

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