Simple videos, guaranteed to make you feel better. 

Private-style lessons, focused workshops, and more. Unlimited access for $10 / month. 

A place to start feeling better.

Classes for all your goals

Hundreds of classes with filters to help you narrow by duration, difficulty, or area of focus, and five class categories to best suit your needs.

A style focused on you

Shockingly deep understanding of anatomy, mechanics, and little sojourns into psychology and cognition. We’ve arrived at a style unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Jam-packed blogs

Curated series with specific goals and focus, informational articles to support your growth, and conversations to keep you plugged in. 

Only $10 / month.

Improve safely, on your own time.

Feel better, gain strength and improve your flexibility anywhere, with just your computer or mobile device. 

With videos from 10 minutes to a full hour, you can get anything from relief in your neck during your lunch break, to a full body “I’ll-be-sore-for-days” practice at home.

Videos made for any device.

At My Yoga Better, you get a one-on-one feel in your own home, which is the fastest way to learn both your new practice and your body. Your videos will be high-quality, have clear audio, and load quickly

We’ll even direct you on setting up your device for class! As a bonus, you’ll get access to our local workshops and group classes.

A style unlike you've ever tried.

The Yoga Better practice is this: Developing a connection to your body so profound that you feel better, have better functionality, are stronger and more flexible. 

We do it all so that you can live pain-free, get stronger every year, and eventually get on the ground and play with your great grand-children.

What our students say…

"I am 71 with back issues resulting from an accident approximately 3 years ago. I can say (with absolute certainty) that Yoga Better has greatly improved the quality of my life. Thanks Yoga Better, you are a fantastic professional group of yoga specialists and caring individuals!"
Larry M.
"During class, while stretching my hands and feet, I notice muscles that I never think to take care of. It makes me realize that I use these muscles all day and should stretch them and improve their functionality. The Yoga Better style is an eye opener for the small things that you forget about that you really shouldn’t. And of course, I always feel better after class!"
Devyn P.