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[You live your life as though] you can [only] permit yourself one failure… and devote your remaining days to mourning. ‘Alas, alas, the critics panned my play.’ ‘When was this, friend?’ ‘In 1894!’ This failure, it would seem, has been kept like a trophy, lovingly polished and always on display. But for a productive life, and a happy one, each … Read More

Brand New Videos and Categories!

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We have two brand new categories (with new videos inside them!) just for you: 1. Fundamentals Definition: These videos are deep dives into the building blocks and the thinking behind why we do what we do at Yoga Better. These fundamentals are at the core of every class we teach. If you want to learn more about the nuance and … Read More

The Three Levels of Difficulty

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Have you ever wondered what our different difficulty levels mean when you’re choosing which class to take? Are you curious about where you should start, or how to transition between the three levels? We’ve put together this post to walk you through exactly what we mean by each level of difficulty, how to navigate the variety of classes that we … Read More