New This Week – 4.15.2019

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This week is going to be fun – here’s what’s new:
1. Seven whole new videos, freshly baked! Check them out below.
2. On Sunday, April 21st, we are hosting Robert Boustany at our home studio for a special evening of focused conversation, while also supporting an organization that changes the lives of foster children in San Diego! See the event here to learn more about the event, Robert, and our fundraiser.
3. We live streamed for the first time ever! Last Thursday evening, we streamed and recorded two live classes at our studio here in Houston – an easy-peasy class (37:35) and a triple-spice hard class (1:57:53). Click here to check them out and use the timestamps to find the start of each class!

New Videos This Week:
EASY – Travel Agency – Got any post-travel pain? Check this one out!
EASY – Ex-Sciatica-Ing – Getting super enthusiastic about the sciatic nerve
EASY – Elbowy Assessment – Troubleshooting elbow issues
EASY – Handy Assessment – Troubleshooting hand issues
EASY – Shouldery Assessment – Troubleshooting shoulder issues
MEDIUM – Now You’re a Quadraped – Being 4-legged isn’t as easy as it looks!
MEDIUM – Easy Over Medium – 49 minutes of yoga, served medium

What kinds of videos are you wanting?
Got anything you’d love to see on the website?


2 Comments on “New This Week – 4.15.2019”

  1. Steven Skees

    Hello Andrew and Maria,

    First off, thank you for the awesome content. I am working on hip mobility. My hips have opened up slightly since I’ve started my practice but I feel like my range of motion should be greater than what it is after all of the yoga I’ve done in the past year and a half. When I sit cross-legged, my knees are way up in the air. When I sit cross-legged on top of a block, my knees are still up in the air. My half pigeon pose is decent (I love your variations in the videos). Yet my full pigeon, half lotus, or lotus is just out of the question right now. How can I practice getting my knees down sitting cross-legged efficiently? What muscles/areas of the legs, hips, and/or groin do I need to strengthen in this regard? I would love to see a future video going over your suggestions. Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Steven Skees

  2. Alison Brown

    Hi Andrew and Andrea
    Thanks for the videos. I am trying to do a little bit each day. Steve and I went over to Delft on Sunday to have a class with Marlies.
    I would love to have some more videos of your actual classes, please. It would be really beneficial for me if you could post some more 75 minute classes – particularly medium level ones.
    Thank you!

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